Moving Stories

Moving Stories 
offering engaging stories of plants and art to move with 
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1 August 2021 / 11 pm Toronto time / 5pm CET time / 4 pm London 

Art and the Body –
a summer virtual tour of Tate Modern

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Move through this amazing space housing one of the most prominent contemporary art collections in the world. Learn more about the exciting history of the Turbine Hall opening up this abandoned Victorian London building to today’s art makers of the world. We will chat about the unique curatorial approach embraced at Tate Modern and beeline through some important “ism’s” to understand the shift in Western contemporary art from figurative art towards more conceptual and performative forms of art.  We will also try to unpick a few elements of performance art which relate to yoga – the new wing at Tate Modern features the worlds first museum gallery space permanently dedicated to live performance art.

Move your imagination by stepping inside this stimulating art environment. Voice your questions and curiosities to discover how meaning and value is created in contemporary art.

Camelia Shakti has an MA in History and a Postgrad in Landscape Design. She is a dancer, somatic practitioner and storyteller living. Since 2016, she has been sharing walking tours of Kew Gardens, Tate Modern, the the City of London and special tea and food tours in Covent Garden. Join her now across the world on Zoom. 

28 March 2021 / 4 pm 
Sensory Experience of Kew Royal Botanical Garden  - a virtual tour with artist photography 

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hosting partner Esther Myers Yoga Studio 

Join Camelia for a spring virtual tour of Kew Gardens.  Original photos of bluebell carpets, royal gardens and cherry walks as well as expert storytelling will take you on a journey through Kew Garden history. Stretch the imagination with a visit to this peaceful oasis in the village of Kew.  Enter into the Palm House, The BeeHive and more over a cup of tea with Camelia


Prepare a cup before you cozy up with Camelia for a story!

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MA in History / Postgraduate Degree in Landscape Design / dancer, somatic practitioner / 

Since 2016 I have had the pleasure of leading walking tours of Kew Gardens, Tate Modern, the City of London and special food tours in central London. Join me now across the world on zoom. 

Stories help us orient in how we choose to create meaning for our life. Moving our bodies also helps us orient in space. Combine the two for moving stories with Tea with Camelia.  


Sharing stories over tea ...gentle stories that move us 
storytelling with the body is a valuable way to stay healthy and engaged

Engaging journey through shared spaces, evolving communities and personal choices  

Much of history inspires feelings of pain, amazement, wonder, curiosity,  pleasure and how these sensations are experienced in the body is what awakens our connection to the culture and orientation towards how we choose to empathise and relate! I  combine my  somatic movement dance and training with my herstory studies to deliver an amazing new experience that helps you relate share and become a part of an exciting space and its people through the ages! I  do this to enliven our body and mind and open up our perception and inspire us to be creative with herstory not just regurgitate it but bring it back to life  in a meaningful way and offer it as inspiration for  potential  to relate to your work and personal story! 

Experience your  own relationship to stories as we engage with the tales I share about  tea trade, art, gardens,  plants, food! Let's get  personal with stories!  Let's  go beyond  the tourist package and create an experience of time and space meeting real people with ambitions, dreams, hopes, struggles and successes.  Embodied stories with Camelia! 

Tate Modern: powerplant transitions into world famous gallery
Discover the story and meaning of contemporary art by diving into the visuals and spaces at Tate Modern, one of the most iconic contemporary art galleries in the world housing its art collection in an 1800s power plant. 

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens: a princess's passion project transitions into a botanical garden
Discover the story of adventure and interaction between monarchs, scientists  and gardeners through 4 centuries of shared history at one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world that started off with the non-humble beginnings of being a royal estate to Princess Augusta, mom of George III. A princess pleasure garden transforms into the largest live collection of the plant kingdom outside its natural habitat. Learn about the plants that defined British and world history. 

Short History of London: it all started as a Roman Settlement 
Dream of visiting the city when the whole pandemic is over? Develop a relationship with London history and learn about the exciting events and sights that shape current politics, economy and culture. Prepare for a future visit with this 1 hour visual movement through the story of London.  

The  story of Tea finding its way into Britain. A sensorial  approach. 
Nothing takes you into the heart of British culture like the custom of sitting down for a cup of tea. The story of how the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis  plant came to be known around the world as British breakfast tea is a fascinating one. And I take great pleasure in sharing this story with you over a cup of your favourite brew. 

Sharing  moments to awaken body and mind and connect to each other with story and movementMove together,  stay healthy and connect through  storytelling over tea!