Moving stories

Moving stories 
Moving stories on ZOOM over tea. 
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Join me for a story over tea 
gentle moves and stories

Gentle moves sitting on a chair and waking up shoulders, wrists, toes, ankles, hips, eyes, jaw. We will use our imagination and mind to connect with the body and will offer some support for the breath to feel more at ease. Experience freedom of choice by helping muscles relax and strengthen, finding rhythm, nourishing and relaxing the heart.  Gentle moves improve circulation of nutrients and oxygens in the body and support the flow of lymph.  

We will move with sound, breath and pleasure to let the body find some space around joints. Gentle breathing exercises improve the functioning of organs and glands helping liver, stomach, kidneys and heart glide and releasing stiffness in ribs. After 2-3 sessions we come up to standing. And do the exercises from standing practising our balance awaking muscles and relaxing into gravity with more support for spine and connecting the torso with arms, legs and head for more happiness. 

                                                                          Have a cup of tea nearby. 

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Stay healthy and connect with storytelling and gentle moves over tea with Camelia
Gentle moves and topic of contemporary art, London history, the journey of tea or gardens, unique approach of moving through time and space!  

Kamelia Nikolova 
MA in History / Postgraduate Degree in Landscape Design / dancer, somatic practitioner / 
4 years of professional moving storytelling bringing scholastic knowledge to the physical landscape

Sharing stories over tea and with gentle awareness and practise of how story moves through our body is a valuable way to stay healthy and engaged. 

Stories help us orient in how we choose to create meaning for our life. Moving our bodies also helps us orient in space. Combine the two for moving stories with Tea with Camelia.  

Physical connection is important and  I don't believe in learning while dissociating from our bodies sensations and personal feelings! So I tell stories over a cup of tea from the comfort of home! And combine it with gentle moves. 

Engaging journey through shared spaces, evolving communities and personal choices  

Much of history inspires feelings of pain, amazement, wonder, curiosity,  pleasure and how these sensations are experienced in the body is what awakens our connection to the culture and orientation towards how we choose to empathise and relate! I  combine my  somatic movement dance and training with my herstory studies to deliver an amazing new experience that helps you relate share and become a part of an exciting space and its people through the ages! I  do this to enliven our body and mind and open up our perception and inspire us to be creative with herstory not just regurgitate it but bring it back to life  in a meaningful way and offer it as inspiration for  potential  to relate to your work and personal story! 

Experience your  own relationship to stories as we engage with the tales I share about  tea trade, art, gardens,  plants, food! Let's get  personal with stories!  Let's  go beyond  the tourist package and create an experience of time and space meeting real people with ambitions, dreams, hopes, struggles and successes.  Embodied stories with Camelia! 

Tate Modern: powerplant transitions into world famous gallery
Discover the story and meaning of contemporary art by diving into the visuals and spaces at Tate Modern, one of the most iconic contemporary art galleries in the world housing its art collection in an 1800s power plant. 

Kew Garden through the Seasons: a princesses passion project transitions into a botanical garden
Discover the story of adventure and interaction between monarchs, scientists  and gardeners through 4 centuries of shared history at one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world that started off with the non-humble beginnings of being a royal estate to Princess Augusta, mom of George III. A princess pleasure garden transforms into the largest live collection of the plant kingdom outside its natural habitat. Learn about the plants that defined British and world history. 

Short History of London: Experience how London transitioned from a Roman settlement in the 1st century to world economic power power and first country to exit the European Union. 
Dream of visiting the city when the whole pandemic is over. Develop a relationship with London history  and learn about the exciting events and sights that shape current politics, economy and culture. Prepare for a future visit with this 1.5 hour visual  movement through the story of London.  

The  story  of Tea through  the  lens of British Imperial history. A sensorial  approach. 
Nothing takes you into the heart of British culture than the custom of sitting down for a cuppa. The story of how oxidised Camelia Sinensis (the botanical name of tea) leaves came to be known around the world as British breakfast tea is a fascinating one. And I take great pleasure in sharing it with you over a cup of your favourite brew. 

Sharing  moments to awaken body and mind and connect to each other with story and movementMove together,  stay healthy and connect through  storytelling over tea!