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Getting in touch don't leave yourself behind / moving stories and
movement support to process experiences
Somatic movement and yoga art are designed 
to relax the nervous system, connect the body and mind
and integrate the emotions. Sensory integration
supports cognitive functioning and allows for our stories to transform through our body sensations.
 Historical narratives reside in our bodies and are a rich source of material to experience while feeling and moving. 

Play / Balance / Awake / Remind / Learn 
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Moving storyteller 
somatic artist

Camelia has used herstory to develop a personal art practise that uses storytelling, movement, experiential anatomy, food and nature to design experiences for play, learning, transformation and care. 

Moving through dance...having grown up on circuses across traveling every two or three day to a  new place the world over she sought to build up her relationship to movement so that it serves her needs and helps her body and mind catch up. Camelia discovered yoga in Bulgaria through an elderly teacher who took her to Italy to meet with an Indian yoga master and from there she journeyed to India herself to study in a yoga ashram for prolonged periods of time and then made her way back to Europe falling into the warmth of the somatic  dance practise as narrated by movement artist at Siobhan Davies studio. Dreaming and  uncover deep intimate connections that define our life story and encode and repattern in our body the stories and experiences of our personal life and that of the cultures we connect and identity with unfold and release though a movement practise. 
Sea Mandala was a passion project for Camelia where she designed and hosted visitors to come into a sensory mandala space inspired by yoga art storytelling and visual art. 
She then continued to explore story telling through moving stories across London taking people on sensory journeys with food, tea, story, art and movement and supported families with yoga art sensitive childcare. While continuing to dance on stages of all kinds across Europe. 

I consider moving story telling an art form and apply it into for the benefit of play, learning, health and entertainment. 
I use storytelling  as a way  to broaden the  mind and open up space for the body to feel more at ease and the heart to express.   Becoming aware of the bias of a story,  placing your attention and noticing the current narrative can open up opportunities for new story lines and new organizations of character, rhythm, ending, flow and joy. In short somatic practises of story telling offer opportunities for inviting more health, learning, repatterning, neurostrenghtening, play and care into the system. 

Somatic Movement Sessions
Camelia teaches a gentle form of somatic movement that focuses on removing blockages and building up connections in the body and mind to allow for the experience of comfort, bliss and healthy expression. Story telling our own body is  part of  the  process of connecting to self and releasing tensions. 

Camelia has studied yoga and bodywork for the past 20 years both in the East and West. She currently explored yoga as a listening practise and relates it to her story telling practise for the experience of better connection within the body and with the outside world through time. Versed in integrated hatha yoga with a 500 hour teacher training course and a strong personal practise, she is an avid learner who studies with teachers that specialise in healing and therapeutic yoga, dance and body mind centered somatic modalities. Deeply inspired by movements that help us get in and out of a pose, Camelia seeks out yoga sequences that help address our needs and enhance our ability for natural breath as a pillar of a healthy spine and mind. Camellia is also greatly interested in the natural movement and the use of touch to inspire, enhance and integrate sensory feedback for a more comfortable and clear pathway of movement through the body and in our environment. 

Camelia believes in the power of nature and art to enhance our life experience and facilitate processes of letting go, creating, integrating and celebration. She has worked on organic farms growing and processing food, herbs and building homes made out of natural materials. She enjoys using photography and video to inspire and document her studies into yoga, researching conditions of light and shape and sees it as a form of yoga art. 

She initially studied yoga with Indian yoga teachers who specialise in integrated tantra yoga. Teachers she is currently learning from include John Stirk, Scaraveli yoga flavour teachers speacializing in osteopathy and bodywork - Giovani Felicioni through Rolfing Yoga, Peter Blackaby from Intelligent Yoga and Sandra Sabatini, Desikatchar trained Leslie Kaminoff through Yoga Anatomy and dance release teachers at The Place, Siobhan Davies and Danceworks. She is greatly interested in the Klein method and has been studying with the axis syllabus community for the past 3 years. She has studied and lived in India, Thailand, France and Spain. Currently based in London she comes from Bulgaria.  

Camelia Yoga is great for beginners and improvers as well as for advanced students and movers wanting to awaken and go deeper in their practise and relationship to the body, space and ground. She encourages people to understand the main Yogic principles that can empower them to practising yoga on and off the mat with joy and commitment to their needs, body structure and lifestyle.

Experiential Anatomy Storytelling reTreats 
Set up in peaceful nature spots, get introduced and deepen into the living tradition of
yoga with an integrated daily schedule of hatha yoga, active nature meditations and yoga art.  Recharge, destress and build up inspiration and fresh prana to introduce healthy awareness of body and mind and yogic practises into your lifestyle.
Yoga Art Play and Learn 
Children explore through Sea Mandalas the act of creating by themselves while in a group. Yoga art sensitive childcare sessions are available upon request. 

Somatic Storytelling 
Explore history of Kew Gardens, Art Appreciation at Tate Modern and Food tastings through gentle strolls with somatic awareness through the city of London (currently on Zoom). 


Relaxation is one of the highest states of enlightenment and it requires more than the distraction of entertainment but a deep, cellular experience of body, mind and heart oneness and awareness. 

Somatic storytelling facilitates the experience of relaxation, peace and bliss.

Integrated movement can help you invite flexibility in your spine, loosen physical, emotional and mental knots that we tend to store in our body for a more comfortable and creative life experience. Come get inspired and take bits and pieces to apply at home according to your needs and lifestyle.

"As we go through the yogic process the first and utmost transformation that we see in our self is the development of the creative faculty." Saraswati

Y  O  G  A   B E N E F I T S

physical wellbeing

Releases tension, builds strength and flexibility. 

   Harmonizes the endocrine system, integrates the breath, relaxes 

the nervous system, improves craneo-sacral alignment.

emotional integrity

Get's you closer to your true self and facilitates 

positive expression.

state of relaxxx

Gives you some space to experience your self 

    beyond the fluctuations of the mind.

"My desire for sharing yoga
is to
promote a healthier way
of life,
a more 
and creative
state of mind
greater energy
reserves. For myself and others." 

"Camelia's teaching comes from a strong sense of awareness and deep bodywork experience. Infused with her own special personality, her approach offers a clear and beautiful guidance on the magical trip inside ourselves through yoga."
Anastasia Anahat Yoga Teacher (Greece)

"Camelia Shakti's has a deep and intuitive understanding of yoga. Her immersion in the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga practices through an authentic Indian tradition facilitates her natural spiritual assets making her teaching more effective. I am sure students will be properly helped under her care on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as well. "
Rohit Kumar  Satyananda Yoga Teaher (India)

"Perfect combination between guidance and allowing the freedom to explore." 
Kathryne Lowe, Yantra Creative with Camelia (UK) 

"You have a really clear and insightful way of explaining things and a very calming voice and manner. It is a pleasure to practice with you! Great way to start off my day."
Nina Woodcroft July, 2014  Rooftop Yoga with Camelia  (UK)

"Thanks again for the fantastic experience at the Ibiza Yoga Retreat. I'm still glowing!"
 Gene Gutenberg September 25, 2014 Ibiza Yoga Retreat with Camelia Yoga (USA)

I teach the living tradition of yoga
- asana, pranayama, shatkarmas, mudra, bandha.

I throw in anything that I have that I have found to work for me in getting to grips with my body and mind. I have insights into chakras, mantras, yantras. I am especially inspired by my studies in Yoga Anatomy And craneo-sacral sensitive in working w the spine through the weight of the head and pelvis, my experience in thai yoga massage and Buddhist meditation. 
I use yoga for a healthy body and mind, greater energy reserves but also for a more aware, conscious and life experience. I am passionate about seeing my health as an extension of the natural environment, the food I eat and the relationships and activities I cultivate. The devotional part of yoga made me very open and trusting to learning yoga. As I grew in confidence I came to modulate my practise to reflect my modern day lifestyle and needs. 

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