Moving Yoga Art

learn the stories of goddesses
I am committed to bringing to life to narrated heritage of the yoga transitions which help enliven and heal the mind through the aspects of mythological resolution and inspiration of courage, release, acceptance and action. 

each move relates to stories that create a context that can help us stay motivated, capture our imagination and keep us connected through the culture of storytelling. 

Sensory integration. Play
Nourish the body and  mind.  Food 
Embodied Storytelling. Learning

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Yoga is more than just physical postures. 

It includes an attitude to life that is 
accepting, nurturing, revealing. 
It gives you tools to slow down an 
overanxious mind and to energize 
a dull mind. (I have experienced both)

It inspires art and creativity in your daily life. 

Easy to integrate into your daily lifestyle, 
yoga gives you positive side effects for your physical,
emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Yoga is a precious heritage and a living culture
of today and tomorrow. 

Yoga ReTreats 
Ample free time to explore and recharge. 

Yoga in the Valley of Roses
Experience a yogic lifestyle. Learn natural horse riding skills at affordable prices. 
£450 8-15 August BOOKING 

Yoga Classes

Asana, pranayama and meditation, to harmonize the body and relax the mind. 


Explore the subtleties 
of yoga with  meditation

Calm the mind, energize the body and untangle the tensions. 

asanas yoga postures for strength and flexibility
pranayama  working with the breathe for energy, vitality and peace of mind
yoga nidra powerful relaxation technique  
meditation awakening dormant capacities and harmonizing the body, mind and spirit

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