4 sessions

Four sessions at home

4 sessions

Home Yoga / Yoga Sadhana

In the comfort of your home experience yoga with this set of five one-on-one classes with Camelia. Each class focuses on different aspects of our need for a healthy body, our ability to tune in, use mindfulness and breath to relax, invigorate and heal. 

After the 5 sessions you are encouraged to practise the sequence learned and explore how the yoga sadhana affects your mind and body before you come back for a 7 session package to deepen the experience. 

one-on-one classes 

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If you would like an introductory session you can book one for £50. This can give you chance to see if you are comfortable working with me and it also gives me an opportunity to discuss your goals and issues and feed that info back into the yoga sessions that I plan for you. If you chose the book a 5 or 7 session package after the introductory session you can pay the difference and make the introductory session count as one of your sessions from the package. 

An introductory session is not required if you would like to commit to the full set of 5 or 7 sessions but you will need to fill in a questionnaire before our first sessions so that I get an understanding of your body, mind and heart state and your motivation for wanting to sign up to a home yoga sadhana course. 

Helping you make yoga your own home
personal sequencing that address the needs of your body, mind and heart

in the comfort of your home 
deepening your awareness without comparing with others
no commuting
support in helping you access health and vitality

Each session includes a balanced set of emotional tuning in to start, asana, pranayama and relaxation/meditation. I will teach you to demystify what makes a great yoga session and how to kick start a simple self practise at home making yoga your own. Who wants to forever be depending on attending group classes or copying yoga sequences of others. Don't you want to get a bit of understanding so that you can start managing your own yoga practice at home and attending group classes for inspiration and learning more. 

Kickstart relax. Learn tools that can help you invite a healthier lifestyle more in tune with your inner self. Explore what makes a great yoga session for YOU. Cultivate health and bliss and enjoy world around you

Take the journey with yoga this season. Finish the year on a YOGA HIGH

Learn how you can positively affect your energy levels and the experience of ease of body. Working towards peace of mind.  

Possible topics explored but these may vary depending on your particular needs and my recommendations

1st class - Focus on Standing up poses that stimulate the digestive system, awaken the excretory system and foster physical strength. 
2nd class - Focus on Pawamuktasani that help release static energy in the joints - ankles, knees, hips, wrists, shoulders, elbows. Awaken the vital energy inside you with these simple but potent practices which can be used for physical and meditative benefits.
3rd class - A healthy 6 Yoga Vitamins Practise.
4th class - Explore the different elements of the vinyasa flow sequence known as Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) but broken down as asana practise. 

your next 4 sessions will put the asanas into flow with somatic dance movement

one on one 

£ 70 TASTER 1.5 h includes chat on where you are & where u r going

£240 DEEPEN 4 sessions x 1.5 h

48 hour notice period for cancelations and rescheduling
payment through paypal or bank account transfer

Each package can be used within a 2 month period from activation. Dates are scheduled on a weekly basis first come first serve. I am available most mornings, Monday/Tuesday afternoons and evenings and for weekend appointments. Ask if daytime slots are available. 24 hour cancellation policy.