Valley of Roses Yoga Retreat

Daily yoga, movement, sensory  integration and story telling 

Glow: Mineral waters, mountain walks, the experience of a unique Rose flowering event

Bulgaria is known for it's high quality rose essential oil used in the wellness, perfume and culinary industry. 

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dates coming up soon 

3 days £450 shared room / single £ 550
7 days £800 shared room / single £1200


Awaken the body 
With the scent of nature

Soften the skin with healing mineral water
Daily yoga and meditation
Delicious menu

Explore the seven movements for a healthy spine  and experience meditation as a tool for understanding our own nature. Wind down at the end of the day with the healing effect of mineral baths. 

Daily yoga and meditation, slowing down and letting the body release and harmonise, moving into a state of deeper relaxation and connection with the rhythms the breath.


Discover a little know European country.

And exciting location with mountains and mineral baths.

The Valley of Roses is an exciting place to discover yoga, 

the slow charm and tasty food of this little know country. 

Learn ways to use the breathe to heal the body exploring ways of sensing in with the body and ground to calm the nervous system and find support within the body to release deep held tensions, strengthen the core and integrate healthy range of motion in joints. A retreat that will help you unwind and recharge and invite you to find pleasure in movement by being with body and nature. Unique location and special horticultural event of rose blossomings invite for a positive samsara/ impression to be created in the mind. 




An exclusive experience in the valley of Roses.


An opportunity to dive into the healing mineral baths in the mountains of Bulgaria near the famous Valley of Roses, one of the main sources of rose oil for the international perfume industry. Get inspired to practice in a friendly setting and at a healthy pace and take some time to relax and pamper.    



   Enjoy nature and yoga the Valley of Roses with an active and relaxed yoga holiday

Nurturing environment to
 deepen with yoga, lying down relaxation and meditation

Special attention to working with the breath during asana practice and an introduction into the art of meditation.  Build up the energy to embrace healthy lifestyle choices and take home practices that work for youDaily yoga nidra experiences - also known as power nap this is a deep lying down relaxation technique with great healing properties on different layers of the body and mind.

Experience the healing mineral waters in the Valley of Roses

Benefit from the wonderful effect of mineral water for an improved body posture, skin beauty and releasing body tension and joint aches.  

Delicious menu inspired by Bulgarian vegetarian cuisine. Dishes will include traditional Bulgarian cheese, yogurt and honey but a yammy vegan option is available upon request. 


What you can do in the area

- mountain biking

- visiting bath spas and enjoying massage treatments 

- hiking in the beautiful Rose Valley and surrounding mountains

- tasting yammy Bulgarian cuisine, picking herbs

- cultural exploration into the Thracian culture and the rose picking tradition and industry (buy some rose oil) 

- wind surfing