Ibiza Beach Yoga ReTreat

6-13 September 2014                            
5-12 September 2015 and 12-19 September 2015

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"You need the shore to be the sea and flow"



   Morning swims and hatha yoga 
   Vegetarian food
   Hiking in nature 
   Dancing in the night 
   Sunsets and Full Moons 
   Yoga Nidra Relaxation in the afternoon 
   Meditation and breathing exercises

 Think like the sea


Get in touch... and come charge up

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Yoga ReTreat in the heart of rural Ibiza.
  • Stunning location 5 min walking from the beach of Benirras
  • One of Europe's best loved Yoga Retreat Centers - Ibiza Yoga in Benirras
  • Small groups with gentle, restorative yoga and daily meditation and yoga nidra
  • Two hiking trips and chakra meditations at Moon Beach and Utopia Beach
5-12 September 2015 and 12 - 19 September 2015
Stretch the body, mind & heart with yoga and nature. 





"The vast majority of the island is 

idyllic with many stunning, secluded 

beaches and rural charm." Shahara / Ibiza Yoga holiday maker


"Benirras Beach is a truly beautiful beach. 
It is peaceful and "Spanish" and musicians may spontaneously 
appear rhythmically drumming into the night . Ibiza Yoga is just off the beach, with wooden 
huts and tepees to stay in, tucked away on woody hillsides, it genuinely feels like a retreat. 

The yoga and meditation was of an excellent standard and the facilities supportive of it. The vegetarian food offered is probably some of the best vegetarian food I've ever had.

I truly felt relaxed and rejuvenated after a week at Ibiza Yoga and Benirras beach and wouldn't 
hesitate to recommend it to anyone."

    7 days for £500 - half board, all day refreshments, double room sharing, yoga sessions and hikes 

Waking up in the sun!

morning session

Early morning lush body experience.  

We start with an early morning swim for those who want to join. We then do our yoga on the beach.
Your body is 
your home - spend some time with it and get to 
know what moves it, where it blocks and how to release the energy and allow the elements to work in better harmony. Yoga is gentle and heart opening, strengthen and invigorates the body, releases tensions and brings flexibility to the spine. No headstands but inversions are part of the daily practise. Take home a practise you can integrate into your daily life. 

afternoon session

Deep relaxxx and learn to deepen with meditative practices  

In the afternon we have a one hour session with a deep 30 minutes lying down yoga nidra for deep cellular relaxation and we do 30 -45 minutes meditation. Newcomers will gently be guided into exploring the secrets of meditation in order to be able to take home the experience and knowledge to start exploring meditation at home. 
Integrate the emotions and release the grip of mind games, focus the mental power and clear the negativity with some mantra and breathe awareness. You will be exposed on practical way of integrating knowledge of the chakras and other symbols of yoga anatomy. Learn how they can help you deepen your connection to your energy body. Learn to design energy into your body. 

day trips

Explore the islands colourful beaches   

Two gentle hikes through on an aromatic path with great vistas of the island. One leading us to a sociable little beach with the best little island bistro and a nearby cave you can swim to with a sky light. The other taking us to the secluded but magic Moon beach. Unmissable. 

If the group hires a car for the week we can also explore the variety of beaches on Ibiza - red, white and black sand, pebbles, volcanic majestic rocks, a thousand shades of turquoise and emerald. There is a spot with free access to kaolin (healing mud) on the beautiful Aqua Blanca beach that we visited with the group in 2014. Bliss

Benefits of YOGA in a natural setting

physical wellbeing

Helps release tension, gently build strength and flexibility.

integrate the emotions
Get closer to your true self and facilitates positive expression. 

deep relaxxxation and feelings of contentment and bliss
Yoga techniques can help you come into a space to experience the self beyond the fluctuations of the mind. 

Discover the natural beauty of Ibiza. 

Join me for 7 days of yoga lifestyle 

morning hatha yoga practice 

yoga nidra relaxation 

active nature exploration and meditation.

with plenty of time to rest 

and explore the beaches

Situated 5 min walking distance from the beach, a
Yoga ReTreat to enliven the body and relax the mind.


asanas yoga postures for strength and flexibility
pranayama working with the breath for energy & vitality
yoga nidra relaxation technique from the ancient tantric tradition for ultimate mind relaxation 
mantra for awakening dormant capacities
meditative practices to harmonize and integrate physical, mental and emotional body

6 - 13 September 2014
5 - 12 September 2015 and 
12 - 19 September 2015


Modern Day Yogic Lifestyle  
* morning hatha yoga

* afternoon yoga nidra relaxxx and meditation

* hikes to the Moon and Utopia Beach and time to explore the diversity of turqouise waters in Ibiza

* beautiful setting close to the beach and friendly people at a much loved yoga retreat center

£500 half board sharing 
(we pair you up male/female or give you single if possible)

£800 half board single 
 (extremely limited availability)

What’s included

  • 7 nights half-board accommodation
  • Breakfast buffet and one vegetarian meal per day
  • Tea, coffee, juices and yogurt fridge
  • Integrated yoga on the beach every morning
  • Afternoon or evening yoga nidra, bhakti yoga and meditation
  • Two organized hikes to beautiful out of the way beaches

Getting there

A taxi ride to Benirras Beach is approximately 45 Euros. People share rides on the way back.

Driving directions from the airport
  • From the airport follow the signs for Eivissa (Ibiza Town), you will then see signs for Santa Eularia, follow these signs, bypassing Eivissa.
  • Half way to Sta Eularia (about 10-15 minutes in to the journey), look out for a left hand turn, signposted Santa Gertrudis and San Miguel. Take this turn.
  • Follow signs for San Miguel. You will drive past Santa Gertrudis, following a newly built, smooth road that has a cycle lane and pedestrian walkway on either side.
  • On the approach to San Miquel you will see the white church of San Miquel, sitting high on the approaching hilltop.
  • When you reach the town of San Miquel you are looking for a right hand turn with a brown signpost for Benirras. Take this turn.
  • Follow this road for about 5 minutes (approximately 2 kilometers), you will then see a brown signpost for a left hand turn to Benirras, this turn is at a crossroad. Take this turn.
  • This winding road will bring you all the way to Benirras. In the daytime you can see the Pagodas and Villa Roca on the hillside, from the road, on the left.
  • Approximately 100 meters from the beach, you will find a staggered crossroad, signposted, to the left for “caves” and Port San Miguel. You are on Ibiza Yoga’s doorstep now.

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