Moving Stories 

I help you connect your mind with parts of the body through movement and story telling cues based in experiential anatomy, yoga and somatic movement practise. Where that connection is not well rehearsed between parts of the body and mind we start avoiding those spaces and they loose mobility overloading other parts. When we lack embodiment and brain can forger that body part and overuse other parts of the body. Repeated overload can lead to compensations in the body, exhaustion in the mind, pain and injury. 

By exercises gentle mobilisation moves with my narrated cues for you I am helping you learn about your body's ability to engage and release, nurture and support itself in relation to the environment and your activities. In a way I am reminding you of options that have gone dormant in you or which you have never practised and laid down as a neurological pathway in the body/mind complex. With gentle sharing of moves you will reawaken connections in the body that will be supportive of using all of yourself in patterns of walking, sitting, reaching, kneeling, getting up reawakening a whole body experience of life and releasing all the energy that you might be using to compensate in areas of blockage and under or overuse. 

The practise I use is a mixture of yoga, experiential anatomy and a variety of somatic approaches which I have been studying and practising for 15 years. 

Connect to the moment by becoming aware of the story your body holds and witness the story your mind is narrating. Allow blocks between the two to flow and move, releasing tension. 

Offer new choices for body flow using your imagination, movement, embodied anatomy, play, story telling and nature. 

Positive dreams can change your story. Use the body to change the mind. And allow the mind to redirect the body. This is a two way street of embodied practise. Nature is a powerful ally. Put yourself if environments supportive of releasing tension through grounding of the body (I can teach you technique) and elongation of the spine (through breathing and asana). 

Improved body mind connection changes the expression of life through you. 
  • improved ability to respond and regulate to physical and emotional stimulation  
  • the practise is gentle and allows me to support you into a learning process where u get to know more about supportive aspects of your body, breath and relationship to space
  • My storytelling is helpful device to guide u on a journey through the senses and locomotion. 

Private sessions one on one in zoom
1 hour 45 euros 


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My training in somatic movement has made my storytelling more meaningful and rewarding by awakening not just my mind but enlivening the body and reconnecting me to a more aware experience of  life.