Gentle Moves

Gentle Moves 
gentle moves and stories  
£25 / session book 5 for £100
1h private over zoom

Gentle moves sitting on a chair, standing and taking gentle steps with the aim of waking up shoulders, wrists, toes, ankles, hips, eyes, jaw. We will use our imagination and mind to connect with the body and will offer some support for the breath to feel more at ease. Experience freedom of choice by helping muscles relax and strengthen, finding rhythm, nourishing and relaxing the heart.  Gentle moves improve circulation of nutrients and oxygens in the body and support the flow of lymph aiding the immune system and alieviating chronic pain symptoms.  

We will move with sound, breath and pleasure to let the body find some space around joints. Gentle breathing exercises improve the functioning of organs and glands helping liver, stomach, kidneys and heart glide and releasing stiffness in ribs. After 2-3 sessions we come up to standing. And do the exercises from standing practising our balance awaking muscles and relaxing into gravity with more support for spine and connecting the torso with arms, legs and head for more happiness.