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Discover what needs taming 
and what needs setting free.

experience a deepening understanding of how to use yoga in daily life
 with one of the yoga packages I offer

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Yoga at home and in nature

"Health is the achievement of 

living with maximum energy 

and having built the habits that 

make good, healthy choices 

seem natural to you

Integrated Yoga Sessions include a combination of:

asanas - yoga postures for strength and flexibility

pranayama - working with the breath for calming the mind and inviting the flow of energy

yoga nidra
 adapted ancient tantric technique
 for ultimate mind relaxation 

sound for awakening dormant capacities and harmonising the nervous system

meditative practices -
 to harmonize and integrate physical, mental and emotional body
somatic dance - my practise includes working with the ground, breath, experiential anatomy

"My desire for sharing yoga 
is to 
promote a healthier way 
of life, 
a more 
and creative 
state of mind 
greater energy 
 Camelia Shakti

"Camelia's teaching comes from a strong sense of awareness and deep bodywork experience. Infused with her own special personality, her approach offers a clear and beautiful guidance on the magical trip inside ourselves through yoga."
Anastasia Anahat Yoga Teacher (Greece)

"Camelia Shakti's has a deep and intuitive understanding of yoga. Her immersion in the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga practices through an authentic Indian tradition facilitates her natural spiritual assets making her teaching more effective. I am sure students will be properly helped under her care on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as well. "
Rohit Kumar  Satyananda Yoga Teaher (India)

"Perfect combination between guidance and allowing the freedom to explore." 
Kathryne Lowe, Yantra Creative with Camelia (UK) 

"You have a really clear and insightful way of explaining things and a very calming voice and manner. It is a pleasure to practice with you! Great way to start off my day."
Nina Woodcroft July, 2014  Rooftop Yoga with Camelia  (UK)

"Thanks again for the fantastic experience at the Ibiza Yoga Retreat. I'm still glowing!"
 Gene Gutenberg September 25, 2014 Ibiza Yoga Retreat with Camelia Yoga (USA)

one on one 

£ 70 1.5 h includes chat on where you are & where u r going

£240 DEEPEN 4 sessions x 1.5 h

48 hour notice period for cancelations and rescheduling
payment through paypal or bank account transfer

Each package can be used within a 2 month period from activation. Dates are scheduled on a weekly basis first come first serve. I am available most mornings, Monday/Tuesday afternoons and evenings and for weekend appointments. Ask if daytime slots are available. 24 hour cancellation policy.

experienced yoga practitioner  
certified yoga teacher
with Camelia 

Private Yoga Sessions
Yoga Retreats
Yoga Art Sensitive Childcare
Garden and Gastronomic History Tours

In stillness sense life in motion. 

Recent announcements

  • The Breath The BreathIn a pose notice if you are holding your breath. That's it. If you are can you modify the pose or come out of it as much as you need until you can breathe without holding the breath. Do you hold your breath while getting in or out of a pose? Can you adjust to allow the breath? 
    Posted 16 Feb 2018, 01:28 by camelia chinmayashakti
  • Concentrating - the flip side Concentration - the flip sideIn mindful meditation we practise flexibility of mind - moving from awareness of one sensation or thought to another forever vigilant for the changing state of mind and shifting sensations. One mistake I have done which I would like to share to caution against is concentrating  focusing on one sensation or thought. In a different form of meditation where the thought might be very positive or uplifting like in a prayer or working with symbols of god or energy like mandalas for example concentration might be good and helpful. But in mindful meditation coming back to difficult memories or sensations like chronic pain can actually connect the body and mind in unnecessary ways in training fight or ...
    Posted 4 Feb 2017, 14:16 by camelia chinmayashakti
  • Warm up the spine warm up the spine How does your spine feel when u get bullied or when the weather gets rainy and windy :)  - Learn how to invite some warmth through the breath inside and around the #spine. Yoga #recipes free #flow #breath #axissyllabus #awareness #twist #yoga #fall #americanappareltry? £160 starting package for 4 meetups or a taster  one session for £50 - if you sign up by end of this  week get 2 for one intro session. ;) experience your breath, engage and relaxation. 
    Posted 20 Sep 2018, 03:55 by camelia chinmayashakti
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Y  O  G  A    B E N E F I T S 

Physical Wellbeing

Releases tension, builds strength and flexibility. 

Harmonizes the endocrine system, relaxes the

nervous system, improves craneo-sacral alignment.

Emotional Integrity

Get's you closer to your true self and facilitates 

positive expression.

State of Relaxxx

Gives you some space to experience your self 

beyond the fluctuations of the mind.