Moving Storyteller

Moving storyteller 
Camelia Shakti  

I find it hard to relate or remember stories without 

relating, connecting, sensing, seeing, feeling, smelling, imagining

in short without having a body mind (somatic) experience! 

 I combine my movement body awareness practise with historical research and story telling to enliven  the body and invigorate the mind. 

Imagination, re-search and renewed reading of old stories as intention drive my  stories into embodied form. 

Relate your body to 
the physical landscape 
and narrative for a 
renewed sense of story
through embodied learning. 

As a Soros History scholar I enjoy the platform of story telling  and have sought to combine it with the exploration of somatic movement and embodiment to create new meaning and research on how  our body encodes  stories as well as to explore new ways  to play, learn and stay  healthy with moving stories. 

I have studied somatic movement intensively and embodied my states of mind as well as sought  to shift  the stories my mind tells me in order to feel new sensations in my body. 

When I move I tell stories, of how my body is, how it can be, how it wants to be. I  use the stories of creation, the stories of alignment, the stories  of flowers and  metaphors, the stories  of  rivers  and nature, ancestors and progeny  to awaken the life of my  body. 


Embodied  Story Telling  
Making stories come alive through the sensations of  our bodies not only enlivens the mind by helping us learn about our past but also relaxes the heart and refreshes the body by helping us relate to stories with awareness of how they register in  our bodies and the feelings they awaken. The process of embodied story telling brings meaning and connection between our bodies and that of people that lived before us. It also invigorate the mind and body  to have a  happier more dynamic relationship  to  learning that acknowledges that we are not just a head but we have feet, hands, pelvis, legs that all need a bit of attention and are happy  to  respond to story telling and voice. Make story  telling fun  by learning about embodiment.

Breathing meaning into our story (not just his story) by embodying historical knowledge.   

I am a story teller and a dedicated somatic mover who explored our embodied relationship to self, environment and others through narratives. The stories that we embody both as social and private beings can be accessed through movement, language, narrative, sounds, food anything that draws our attention to rest on the sensations in our body which in turn awaken our mind and emotions. I am much more excited to tell stories where I bring the body sensations and personal relationship in to bear and enrich our process of creating meaning. The act of creating meaning is a dynamic field which is known under the name of history but can also be named herstory. 

I have deeply immersed myself  into the academic research and story of tea and enjoy the qualities and potential tea drinking as a ritual offers us for body mind integration, fluidity, art, beauty,  culture and learning. The botanical name of  tea is Camelia Sinensis. I enjoy sharing a first name  with this beautiful plant that acts as an adaptogen.  Adaptogens are compounds that when entering our system affect us  differently  depending on the  current state of each individual organism. Often tea is associated with antioxidant qualities but it can act as both a relaxing or  invigorating drink depending  on your needs.  That is how I view my own personal exploration of movement practise as a research into the art of responding to my needs and offering practising that are strengthening, softening, invigoration,  raising my awareness  and inviting action. 

Join me for story telling sessions with  tea and gentle movement  for  pleasure, learning  and a heightened sense of  self knowledge and  connection  with the world through the culture of art, story telling and movement. 

My  story telling specialisms are food, art and garden history with movement and somatic awareness! 
Let the stories move through us, make stories meaningful by connecting to the lived experience of  our emotions and body. 

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