The Breath

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The Breath

In a pose notice if you are holding your breath. 
That's it. 

If you are can you modify the pose or come out of it as much as you need 
until you can breathe without holding the breath. Do you hold your breath 
while getting in or out of a pose? Can you adjust to allow the breath? 

Concentrating - the flip side

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Concentration - the flip side

In mindful meditation we practise flexibility of mind - moving from awareness of one sensation or thought to another forever vigilant for the changing state of mind and shifting sensations. One mistake I have done which I would like to share to caution against is concentrating  focusing on one sensation or thought. In a different form of meditation where the thought might be very positive or uplifting like in a prayer or working with symbols of god or energy like mandalas for example concentration might be good and helpful. But in mindful meditation coming back to difficult memories or sensations like chronic pain can actually connect the body and mind in unnecessary ways in training fight or flight responses. Avoid methods of meditation that train concentration. Move from one sensation or thought onto the next. From one beautiful color to the next. If you are really mindful you will notice that what we call the breath is still a mental construct and is nothing more that a rich palette of sensations - be mindful of the richness and don't narrow down the experience of life to one pressing sensation or thought without proper guidance. 

Of course this note of caution does not concern the process of setting a vision for oneself or dealing with practical maters in the material workd but merely relates to the art of mindful observation and checking in with our state of being. 

Warm up the spine

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warm up the spine 

Watering the Sky

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Watering the Sky    


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Blue Hot

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jacuzzi and sauna onsite  Are you ready for blue hot? 

Valley of Roses

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Valley of Roses 

Discover a little know European country.  
And exciting location for a summer yoga holiday. Home to a traditional rose oil industry.  

Pavel Banya is cuddled by mountains and endowed with mineral water. 

Sucking on a Lemon

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Sucking on a Lemon

What yoga and meditation helps you do is not only to relax enough 

to hear yourself think and feel but shine the torch of light in the dark, 

dysfunctional corners and say - I'm not coping. 

Once realization hits you can get some help. Good Luck.

Have you been pushing yourself too hard and not coping? Are you spreading yourself 

too thin, going after your ambitions without looking after your needs, engaging in destructive 

or unhelpful relationships, lifestyle choices, eating or drinking habits. Realizing the stress, 

the source of the stress and its effect on you is sometimes not as obvious.

Yoga is NOT all about 

BLISS and Relaxing


#clarity #action

Powerful Stuff

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Natural Horsemanship


He will be teaching natural horsemanship at the Happy Horses Yoga Retreat. 

This horse avatar specializes in natural horsemanship - he teaches classical equestrian skills but also introduces a yogic sensitivity into the art of riding. 

For those with a bad back or those of us with trust issues or anger management issues - use horse riding to learn how to relax the lower back, develop non-aggressive communication and establish trust in relationships.

Nikola lives in the beautiful Rose Valley where he runs the Happy Horses Estate and also grows organic raspberries. 

Book  Happy Horses Yoga Retreat here


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