Lovely Yoga in Ibiza! Really! - Oh ya 

Ibiza! Yoga! Really! 

a personal tale and photos by Shahara at Ibiza Yoga


"Ibiza is surprisingly lovely. It's very local and also has a thriving alternative 

community who all feel at peace here. I say surprising as for many years I associated 

Ibiza with a crazed international party scene - and didn't think there was much beyond that. 

But I was completely wrong. A young party scene does exist, but it stays 

localised in one or two small areas which are entirely avoidable. 

The vast majority of the island is 

idyllic with many 

stunning, secluded 

beaches and rural charm. 

Benirras Beach is a truly beautiful beach. It is peaceful and "Spanish" and musicians may spontaneously 
appear rhythmically drumming into the night . Ibiza Yoga is just off the beach, with wooden 
huts and tepees to stay in, tucked away on woody hillsides, it genuinely feels like a retreat. 

The yoga and meditation was of an excellent standard and the facilities supportive of it - not least 
the yoga platform which felt suspended in vibrant green nature and blue skies. The vegetarian food also offered while staying here is probably some of the best vegetarian food I've ever had.

I truly felt relaxed and rejuvenated after a week at Ibiza Yoga and Benirras beach and wouldn't 
hesitate to recommend it to anyone."

Camelia Yoga is running a
Beach Yoga ReTreat 
at Ibiza Yoga 6 -13 September 2014

7 days / £450 half board, accommodation and yoga sessions