Quality of Water

Yoga is about 
observing and integrating the 
experience of life.

When I was in 4rth grade I lived with my grandparents and had a very powerful biology teacher 
at school.

One day she spilled a glass of water on the table and asked us to observe and tell her what had changed in the water and what that change told us about the nature of water?

I remember I told her that what we see is that the water has no form - it changes it's shape.
She said - Yes. But what does that tell us about the nature of water?

I felt that I was experiencing a monumental discovery and I could feel it revibrate throughout my body. It was right before my eyes. That was telling me about the QUALITY of water, its NATURE of taking on the shape of its surroundings.

I remember the physical experience of that discovery to this very day. I was deeply moved by the access I had to knowledge through the act of observation.

In yoga observing the state of your being is a very important tool of gaining access to your mind and equipping yourself with the knowledge you need.

Observation is hugely important in many walks of life. In permaculture we use observation of nature to design sustainable spaces into livable places. You can use yoga to improve the power of your ability to observe and integrate what you learn into an improved quality of life experience.