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Nature Yoga Connect

posted 11 Jun 2014, 09:16 by camelia chinmayashakti   [ updated 23 Jul 2014, 06:07 ]
Nature Yoga Connect

"Beauty and seduction is nature's tool for survival, 
because we will protect what we fall in love with."
Louie Schwatzberg

The yogic tradition offers powerful tools of promoting personal and community well-being
by connecting us to nature through meditation and mandala art.

Yoga like nature teaches us transformation and rejuvenation. In connecting to nature we recognize our own true nature. 
And our own power to transform and rejuvenate. The more connected to nature we feel the more creative 
we become at finding ways of thriving. 

By connecting to nature we befriend her and experience her. By falling in love 
with her we develop the desire to protect her. The secret of course is that there is no divide between nature and us. And by looking after her we save ourselves. 

Ecorituality is part of the tradition of yoga. Eco rituals are simple yogic gestures that combine art, meditation 
and sensory awareness and interaction with nature that transform and enlighten us.