Moving images 


"The experience of handling, smelling and
exploring the materials is as much
a part of the activity as the end result."
Nicky Caro, V&A Museum Art Curator

"The balance between guidance and allowing 
freedom to express
at the session was perfect."
Kathryn Lowe, Yoga Art and Landscape Listening Workshop


Yoga contains within its tantric tradition a special form of art meditation in which we design 

yantras and mandalas.  We discover more about chakras and how visualising yantras helps us 

connect to the energy flow in our bodies. We can integrate that knowledge 

in our hatha yoga practice to deepen the meditative experience of yoga. Each yantra is a logotype 

of an inspiring quality or energy that is conveyed to us through storytelling, drawing and dance.  

Each story carries a gift that can help you unlock healing, access to creativity, faith, strength and fulfillment


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Engage with the powerful process of mandala and yantra making 

and discover more about painting, drawing, constructing, story telling and 

dance and how to apply these skills to enhance your energy design and yoga


"As we go through the yogic process 
the first and utmost transformation that 
we see in our self is the development 
of the creative faculty." Swami Niranjan

Nurture your creativity  

set aside some space and time

Explore a technique or element of yoga art.
Single session 

Complete a yantra to hang on the wall or use in yoga practise.
 Bundle: Drawing technique and Philosophy 

Host a group session

Ask for details and special prices when hosting.

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